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Testimonials: Testimonial

Love this kennel! I live in metro Atlanta. I brought my dog here - to the country - while I searched for home to buy. They treated my dog great and he seemed very happy here. I recommend this kennel to anyone who is in driving distance! They also do training, which it seems to me they did some training with my dog.

Renada Jaa

I know this is long overdue, but I just wanted to thank Pacesetter for all that they’ve done to help Pancho’s development. Not only did Pancho make tremendous strides over the 2 weeks of the Total Recall program, but you ensured that I had the tools, resources, and support to continue his progress and reinforce success at home. I often take it for granted, but am reminded by those in the community that meet Pancho of his good manners. Being a large breed, it was incredibly important to me to have a well behaved dog, and you’ve given me the tools to have just that. The change has been remarkable, and I couldn’t thank you enough! 

Jay Mathias

This is a long overdue message to update you on Hunter's progress. He is doing beautifully. We cannot thank you enough for the work you did with him. We can now trust him to come when called, and he seems to really understand that being reliable allows him to have more freedom. He has not bolted a single time since he has been home, and it is so much easier to work with him in every way. In the meantime, he is now in the basic agility course at Lucky Dog and absolutely loving it. He picks everything up amazingly quickly and is so >proud< of himself when he masters a new obstacle or gets a sequence right. Thanks to the work you did with him, he really seems to now enjoy the sense of having a working partnership with us. In any event, we just wanted to say thank you again. We're grateful.

Anne and Lee Hollifield

I just realized that I haven't sent you an update on Junior! Junior is doing very good, I've been able to board him at the vet and he has Made fast friends with the kennel manager. She ignored his outbursts and he totally responded to that!! You should see them together, it would make you happy. As soon as he sees her, he drops and rolls over for a belly rub. When I picked him up the other day we were standing at the counter and Junior walked up to the woman behind me (on his own, no prompting) and "asked" her to pet him, which she did since she didn't know his history, and he let her pet him! It was heartwarming to say the least. ( I of course panicked but bit my tongue when I saw how he welcomed the attention) We are going to continue to board him locally since they have done so well with him. He still growls at the vet but I don't blame him, I don't like her either. I think we are going to stick with the male vet, he seems to respond to him better. Bella is super happy to have her big brother home too! It's a work in progress but we take it a little at a time. I almost positive we can get him to Italy now. Thanks for all you have done, you have saved his life!!!!

Diane and Mark Ramming

I got to say, this is the best money I ever spent on my dog. Buddy was impossible to walk. Always pulling and if some poor soul was out walking too, he tried to jump all over them. It was embarrassing! I'm happy to say that it is now a pleasure to walk Buddy and I highly recommend Pacesetters.

Alfonso Diaz

Had I known what kind of results I would get, I would have gladly paid twice the price.

Ed Trotochaud

Around age one, I noticed that my sweet, kissy puppy became an anxious and fearful dog. After he bit a child, I called Kass. Kass worked with Ranger, then with Ranger and me, and after a month, I brought home a calm dog. I thought he was “fixed” -- my job was done. Within a year, Ranger’s anxiety returned and escalated. He paced, barked and lunged when he saw people through windows of my home and car. After he bit a house guest, I called Kass. When I dropped Ranger off at Pacesetters, Kass said I have a great dog, but he feeds off my nervous energy—Ranger must know that I am in control. While Kass worked with Ranger for two weeks, I decided to work on myself. Upon picking Ranger up, Kass showed me how to work with my dog (again). Our work began immediately, during the car ride home. Chaotic car rides have become peaceful. “Place” has become natural. When the doorbell rings, when we arrive home from outings, and when I cook dinner, Ranger goes to “place.” We will always work on obedience, and meeting new people. For us, everything starts by having a calm dog (and human). Several months later, Kass continues to answer questions. Vet visits (and administering eardrops), are an evil necessity. When I figured out that what I was doing wasn’t working with my dog, I made a call to Kass and she helped Ranger and me to work it out, and showed me what to do. I was and continue to be amazed. Ranger’s got all of this down -- I’m the one who needs the reminders! Thank you, Kass!

Jamie Jedlicka

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