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Training dogs professionally since 1977!

We believe that dog training is more than just marching around in circles, with occasional sits, downs and stays. We approach it with the philosophy that training your dog involves LIVING with your dog. Your dog should be as much a family member as an animal can be. Your relationship with your dog will be enhanced with training; your dog will recognize your leadership. We are dog lovers and have been dismayed by the recent trends toward more permissive training methods and "guardianship". Integrating basic obedience into your daily life will give your dog structure and security. Aggressive/reactive behaviors can be gently and easily melted away by introducing and enforcing simple obedience exercises, while still keeping your dog in your life.

You and your dog will benefit most from our program if you are motivated to continue what we start.

Kass Goulding started training dogs in 1973 as a teenager and successfully competed in obedience trials before she could drive!  As her skills increased, family friends and neighbors asked her to train their dogs, and a career was born.

After working in boarding kennels and grooming shops for several years and gaining experience training every kind of dog, Kass accepted a job offer from a large training kennel, and apprenticed for 8 years, gaining even more skill, particularly with remote collars.

After leaving that job, Kass established Pacesetter Training Kennel in central Wisconsin in 1994. Originally specializing in retriever training as well as basic obedience, it wasn't long before Kass saw a need for aggressive dog training  and rehab, and she began accepting dogs with bite histories and started experimenting with methods to help these dogs deal with their emotions and happily function  in society once again.  In late 2011, Pacesetter Training Kennel began solving puppy housebreaking problems by adding housebreaking services.

In late October 1998, Pacesetter Training Kennel relocated to Winterville, GA in order to take advantage of year-round training weather.  Since then, our skills and programs have expanded.  Retiring from retriever training in 2014, the 30 years of experience that Kass brings to dog training translates into successful experiences for our customers.

Our best advertising is word-of-mouth, and many of our clients call us when they get they get their second and third dogs!

When you need dog training in Athens, GA, aggressive dog boarding or training or need to solve puppy housebreaking problems, please call us!

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